Building with earth is one of the oldest construction methods and technologies.

‘It is estimated that at least 30 percent of the world’s population, some 1.5 billion people, live in houses constructed of raw (unfired) earth.’

Keefe, L. (2016) Earth building: Methods and materials, repair and conservation. 2nd ed. London, England: Routledge, p.7.

Its use continues today with following traditional construction approaches, but also with increasing potential for contemporary use, adapting and modernising traditional construction methods and technologies and adapting to todays human, societal, environmental and ecological needs.

The UK and Ireland have a rich history of earth building with different traditional vernacular architectural and building styles, techniques, and material uses.  However, it is not clear of its extent, currently existing or as a practice today as well as historically lost, no longer existing.

This work is a resource, geographically identifying earth building and architecture, from the vernacular and historical perspective through to developments and research. Currently, various recording is taking place.  Details about the vernacular methods being recorded can be found here

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